Monday, July 6, 2015

The Transforming Enchantment of Motherhood

"My Mother",  The Illustrated Fairy Gazette
"The transforming enchantment of motherhood is amazing. A pleasure loving, frivolous young fairy becomes a responsible devoted mother in the instant that her first babe is placed in her arms. She will nurture the infant within the loving shelter of her wings. She will teach the very first spell that every fairy learns from it's mother."
Eritha, editor of "The Illustrated Fairy Gazette" 

" Despite their modesty and desire for anonymity Fairy Godmothers are now legendary among mortals, first told and then written of  in what they call "Fairy Tales".
Princess Daisy. The Illustrated Fairy Gazette
Holly and Ivy, The Illustrated Fairy Gazette
Who can be a Fairy Godmother? Read more in the "Mothers and Godmothers"

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