Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Few Words about the Fairy Gazettes

What are the Illustrated Fairy Gazettes? Only the best-loved magazines in all the Fairy Realms. These small fairy-to-fairy publications contain articles, illustrations and advertisement of interest to fairies. Each is hand-stitched with rainbow thread and comes in a translucent envelope. To date there are five editions.

We truly do not know why we have been privileged to receive the little fairy magazines presented here. We are not at liberty to tell you how they came to be in our possession. We understand it to be a matter of fairy trust, that we are trusted to bring them to your attention.

The fairies know so much more about us than we know about them. Perhaps this is their way of letting us have a glimpse, in our troubled times, of enchanted places that do still exist. And more, letting us know that in these enchanted places the fairy virtues of Goodness, Truth and Beauty still prevail.

Text © Avril Tyrrell

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